DRIBBLE-ON Summer Camp for Boys and Girls – 2018

The DRIBBLE-ON Summer Camp for Boys and Girls kick started with enthusiasm at the BBMP-Beagles Basketball Indoor Stadium on 29th March, 2018. A large number of boys and girls aged between 5 years – 21 years signed-up for the camp which lasts for around 6 to 7 weeks. The participating players, exceeding 400 in numbers, have been clubbed into specific age groups and further assigned to specific batches in order to facilitate smaller group sizes. This will help in the coaches paying much attention to individual to a large extent. We have assigned 4 senior coaches assisted by another 4 regular coaches including 2 lady coaches. We are happy to say proudly that more than 40% of the participants are girls! Hurray!

Summer Camp – Parent’s Feedback